The Island of Lošinj has always been famous for its shipbuilding tradition. By the end of the 19th century, the first large-scale ship was built and launched here. Her name was Commercio, and she had a capacity of 300 t.
Back in 1850, Marko Martinolić played a significant role in the history of the Island when established the family shipyard. Since then, the shipyard had gone through different challenges and transformations while continually striving to bring excellence in shipbuilding without losing any passion.
In Martinolić Shipyard, the magnificent Imperatrice Elisabetta was built in 1875. With a capacity of 2500 t, she was the most incredible and largest wooden ship constructed not only in Austro-Hungarian Monarchy but the whole Mediterranean. Ten years later, Lošinj’s shipbuilders became famous for the first long-haul steel sailing-ship of Austro-Hungarian Navy built in the country, not abroad.

The peak of the shipbuilding in Lošinj Island was in 1898, when 650 workers were actively engaged to produce top-quality clippers - the fastest and the best sailing ships at that time.
The period of the successful building of steamships, motor ships, and yachts started with the beginning of the 20th century. Still, after WWI, when Lošinj was under Italian rule, the shipbuilding began to stagnate.

Today's Lošinj shipyard was established after WWII by merging the three nationalized shipyards (including Martinolić). Since 1973 it has been operating under the name Lošinjska plovidba. The construction of navy, cargo, fishing, and passenger ships had been gradually replaced with the top-quality repair and maintenance of tug boats, ferries, general cargo vessels, heavy lifters, crane barges, catamaran passenger, motor yachts, cruisers, or any other vessel up to the 140 m length.

While every period brings its own challenges, Lošinj shipyard always remains fully dedicated to getting your vessels the most suitable solutions under fair conditions.