Company Profile

Who we are

Lošinj Shipyard dates back to 1850, when it was famous for building the largest wooden ship in the Mediterranean and the first steel sailing ship in East Adriatic yards. It is now a modern facility with fully equipped and up-to-date workshops and floating dock, supported by 150 highly skilled and qualified personnel and wide range of subcontractors.

Located on the seaways crossing on the Island of Lošinj in the Northern Adriatic, Lošinj Shipyard welcomes all vessels sailing in these waters, up to the 140 m length and 10.000 t displacement in need of repairs and maintenance.

When necessary, we are operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to professionally and timely deliver our services to meet your specific needs, no matter their complexity. 

Your ship will thank you later!

Quality, Safety and Environment

Over the years, Lošinj Shipyard has taken steps to improve shipyard’s quality, safety, and environmental protection through various operational initiatives.  We are committed to ensuring a healthy and safe working environment and meeting clients’ quality requirements while taking care of sustainable use of the resources.